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Stay Fit.

And Perform.

Elevate keeps athletes healthy and in the game with hyper-customized, 3D-printed orthotics designed to fit their feet and their footwear.

We're a technology startup in Winston-Salem, NC

and we're redefining the orthotic industry by completely rethinking how they are made. We don't operate with the same manufacturing barriers as everyone else, so can perfectly tune every part of our orthotics to each user to increase comfort, improve performance, and reduce the risk of injury. Our orthotics are designed to fit the athlete and their footwear.

We believe orthotics should be as unique

as the athlete wearing them.

So we've teamed up with the Human Performance & Biodynamics Lab at Winston-Salem State University to develop technology that will allow us to translate each athlete's biomechanical data into orthotics designed to perfectly support every step. 

We use hardware & software to collect biomechanical data.

This data ultimately gives us the information we need to determine every design constraint, so that the athlete gets perfect support and comfort with every step


Gait analysis gives us the theoretical center of pressure line. Pressure mapping gives us the actual center of pressure line. And 3D scanning gives us the topology of the athlete's feet. 

Gait Analysis

Pressure Map

3D Scan


No layers, no plastic, no foam.


Foam hasn't changed since the 70s, when NASA invented memory foam. Now the next generation of foam is here, and it isn't foam at all. It's a hyper-customizable, 3D-printed, elastomeric lattice structure—and it's an incredible technology.


This lattice technology allows us to 3D print 100% of the orthotic.

Something that has never been done before. 3D printing the entire orthotic gives us incredible control over every aspect of the design. 

This lattice lets us perfectly control:


We combine the structure and comfort layers typically found in orthotics today into one, thin layer. This means that our orthotics actually integrate with the athlete's footwear, resulting in a better fit and, ultimately, increased performance


We can print our orthotics to perfectly match the topology of the athlete's feet—and the shape of their footwear. This results in a "broken-in" feeling and, ultimately, improved comfort


We can also control the density at every point in the orthotic—all in the same layer. This gives us the ability to introduce gait corrective features and ultimately results in a reduced risk of injury

We're currently looking to fill spots in our 

Pilot Program.

Launching February 2020, our pilot program will give us the real-world trial that every new product needs. We're looking for 25 athletes local to Winston-Salem, NC to try our orthotics for the 2020 Spring and Fall seasons—completely free of charge.


The only thing we ask for in return is the ability to collect data and use it to fine-tune our product. 


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